Friday, July 13, 2012

Time is a Bitch

The sun rises, the sun sets.
Light comes and night falls.
The days wear you away.
Your friends fall away.
Your beloved pet Fido
died yesterday.

Innocence is lost
Children now never have been.
From joyous songs
To bitter rambles.
Harmless ignorance
To vicious insolence.

You get hungry,
You get tired.
Leave out milk in the brilliant sunshine
And it spoils as if dipped in swamp.

Love you found false,
Lies, clearly your deception.
What is waste is long
What is great is gone.

Too late
For yesterday.

All that once was yours
Is now lost to eternity.
Dust in the wind.
Flying through the air,
Sinking into the earth.

Suddenly, you are old
and then you die.

Time is a bitch-
But now she is gone.

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