Friday, July 13, 2012

The Tale of Trapezoid Head and Four Others


“I am a trapezoid head-
“Help me, the room is slowly getting smaller and the ceiling is almost going to squish my head-
“can’t hold on much longer-
“limbs…becoming weak-
“please…help me…”
But no one did.
So Trapezoid Head god squished and died.

The end.


“It is me, Block Head.
“I am sad because I have a square head-
“and they call me Block Head.”

The end.


“Hi, it’s me. They call me Almost Normal.
“My head is almost normal-
“only it isn’t.
“And so I am only almost-
“almost normal…”

The end.


“Hi, they call me greedy-
“because my eyes make me look greedy-
“and I also happen to like money-
“a lot.”

The end.


“Hi, they call me Stupid-
“because my head looks stupid.
“Oh yeah also I’m stupid.”

The end.

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