Friday, July 13, 2012


we are forced to see,
what should have been forgotten.
But like all things lost,
it never leaves,
and soon becomes quite rotten.
Just like that time you went to bed to find Elmo trying to crawl through your window and he looked kind of angry so you freaked out and accidentally killed him with a staple gun. You panicked and feared his neighbors on Sesame would come after you if they ever found his body, so you stuffed his furry redness into your closet. Only--your closet was so full you couldn't close it all the way and one eye could still be seen through the crack of the door. Everyday, you're forced to see it, and you just want to forget it but can't. Though his life is lost, his presences never leaves and he watches you through that crack every night, slowly rotting away...
After such a situation, there are only two possibilities:
1) One day, his fuzzy corpse becomes so rotten and decomposed that he is no longer recognizable so you can finally throw him out your window and put the whole matter behind you.
2) You realize that Elmo is actually an immortal and cannot be killed by mere staples, so one night, he emerges from your closet in the dead of night and murders you in your sleep.

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